Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Shout Out to Liz!

One of the workers at a local sporting goods store that is going out of business here in Avondale plans to ask her managers if they would agree to donate soccer balls to SLI for our November mission. She hasn't been able to get in touch with them yet. So she went ahead and bought four with her own money, as well as four hackey sacs, and gave us a call to come pick them up. WHAT A BLESSING SHE IS!!!!! Thanks, Liz, for your big heart!

Like I said before, it's these little gestures that surprise and bless us so much. Here is a picture courtesy of photographer Lori Aderholt taken in Zimbabwe, 2007:

Soccer balls are a BIG HIT, and most of these kids, playing in bare feet, kick a** on the field!

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  1. Liz, thanks for your heart! Kids are kids wherever they live, regardless of circumstances, so while we will be delivering life to them in the form of grain, they will probably be much more excited when they receive your gift of soccer balls! Thanks so much for your servant leadership Liz! -Steve