Thursday, February 25, 2010


What is the Two Cents Campaign?  

Our idea is that donating to a worthy cause should not hurt -- it should feel good.  We strongly believe that much can be done with the little that we have, if we bring what we can with glad hearts for giving.

We're asking people to "give us your two cents" -- a play on words:  give us your thoughts and opinions about issues relevant to our work, and literally give us two cents, whatever loose change you might find digging around your pocket or purse!

If you would like to participate in this campaign, you can contribute in a number of ways:  take a 1-minute video of yourself with your video phone or camera, in the following format:

"Hi, my name is ____ from _____."  Then tell us what the world should know about the ability of young people to make a difference in the world, or the moral imperative of helping children in need, the state of hunger in the Third World, opportunities for enterprise and positive change in Africa, or the power and potential of your generation -- whatever, just make it relevant to SLI's mission and vision, and encourage your listeners to dig deep, find some loose cash and send it to SLI.  Keep it real (and appropriate) and keep it to one minute or less!  End with one of these tag lines:
"Small change leads to big change!" or
"... and that's my Two Cents."

Send us your 1-minute video and we'll post it here!  If you can't shoot a quick vid, put your thoughts in a comment to this post, become a Follower and tell all your friends about our cause!

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